Conference Help

Participant checklist
  • Make sure you have the Zoom application installed on your device ( 
  • Check for updates prior to first session
  • For the best experience please:
    • Close all other applications
    • Find a quiet place to join from
    • Use headphones to limit outside interference
    • Ensure you join from a place with strong internet - either full WIFI or ethernet (cabled connection)
    • Use Zoom’s in-built audio and video testing prior to joining to ensure you will be able to interact.
  • Please note all sessions will be recorded and will be available on the conference program page shortly after the session closes. Note that session recordings include a transcript of the chat.
Presenter checklist for screen-sharing
  • Close email and chat apps (as a safeguard so nothing private or confidential is shared publicly).
  • Close applications and windows that you are not using for your Zoom presentation.
  • Open your content you wish to share prior clicking on “new share” in Zoom
  • Be mindful to select the appropriate window to share (avoid sharing your desktop where possible)
  • Make sure you have ticked “share computer sound” if it is required and “optimize screen sharing for video clip” if you have a video to share.
  • Once the session has begun you will be given hosting rights and at your discretion you may leave the meeting open at the end of your presentation time slot for participants to continue discussion.

  • Always keep your microphone muted unless speaking
  • If you have question, raise your hand either on camera or using the in-built “hand raise” function and wait to be acknowledged or use the chat (if it is regarding Zoom or something about the conference please use the chat function on this page).
  • Respect that different presenters may have varying preferences on when and how to ask questions.
  • Do not cut into another participants question time. If you feel you have something to add then raise your hand and wait your turn to engage appropriately.
  • Be respectful in the chat and please note that even private messages via Zoom chat are transcribed with the recording and can be seen publicly later on.
  • When sessions end return to the conference program page online, or at the presenter’s discretion sessions may stay open for open discussion to continue. 

Common mistakes to watch out for
  • Leaving microphone un-muted  - Please be constantly aware of your mute status (this is probably the #1 disruption with Zoom meetings).
  • Talking with the microphone muted - Let us stress again, always be conscious of whether you are muted or un-muted
  • Echoes - For the best experience use headphones to remove the possibility of session audio feeding back into your microphone.
  • Downloads/uploads running in the background - Disable background online services that don’t need to be running, including Cloud services, software updates, and entertainment platforms.
  • Device battery goes flat - We have a lot of sessions over the course of the conference so please keep your battery life in mind and ensure you are prepared to connect your device to the power as it is needed.
Video tutorial support
Click here for video tutorial support.

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