The Future Of Our Communities And Community Development In The Future

“The future of our Communities and Community development in the future” workshop was developed by John Stansfield and Rachael Prasad. The purpose of the workshop was aimed to educate participants on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, how these link to Community Development and where they see the goals being worked towards in their lives and workplaces.

The workshop involved a diverse range of Community Development professionals from the community sector, as well as the governmental Department of Internal Affairs. It was designed to bring the participants up to date on the Sustainable Development Goals, but also to exchange of ideas and brainstorm in small groups and as a whole, the areas their organisations are working on in relation to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshops ACDA host are important events that provide a physical spaces for nationwide community development members to come together and learn from others as they present their accomplishments, take part in activities to develop their skill base, and network with each other. It was also a space where it as about valuing community development practitioners and their contribution to community development.

This was where ACDA provided training for building leadership and skill development by using SDG game cards. Here, we created a space which promoted building knowledge and skills between organisations and client knowledge and, social and educational knowledge by providing access and links to resources. It was a space where we encouraged the participation of Community Development practitioners in the workshops, which was a very collaborative process and focused on the involvement of people through the workshop.

Participants of the workshops understanding into what the Sustainable Development Goals meant for the Community Development sector became fuller with each story that was heard. We all learned about local knowledge and resources – an important place to start in Community Development work.

The work shop was an opportunity for participants to share other planned events and activities where the conversations that encouraged social change could be continued.

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